Sangat Review is about contemporary South Asian Literature.

Our main objective is to keep ourselves informed about what literature is being produced recently in South Asia. It can be viewed as a sort of meta data of current literary work in South Asia.

The regional tilt towards Pakistan reflects the background of its members and not in anyway an intentional slant. Similarly, what books are included in review and what kind of review is a reflection of what we have access to and individual choice.

As we move on and enlarge our group, we hope that regional and philosophical width of our site will be enhanced too.

Sangat, now defunct, was originally an online journal of progressive political commentary on the regional social, political, and economic state of affairs. We do secretly hope that the journal and political space it provided can be revived one day in some form or other.

Sangat Review is a completely volunteer affair, and the our setup has no formal structure and no finances.

Current Team Member

Ijaz Syed

Asaf Dar

Ghulam Mustafa